Jun 23, 2008

George Carlin is dead!
Waking up to “George Carlin is dead at 71” is not only sad, it’s a shocker! If you are familiar with George Carlin you know he was immortal.

Or so he made it seem all these years. George Carlin was a comedian with a twist. Not only was he a comedic genius, he was an extremely intelligent man.

George Carlin is probably most famous for his Filthy Words routine; you know the “seven words you can never say on TV”?

Did you know he was arrested for disturbing the peace with that routine? The judge later dismissed the case.

He always stepped over the edge of acceptance, but he has earned many an award for doing so.

I remember watching Carlin back in the day and with every biting joke I would say “that is so true!”

Read more on George Carlin’s death and his list of awards at the Associated Press.

I am just still in shock that George Carlin, the bigger than life comedian, is dead.


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