Jun 25, 2008

Rep. James Fagan defends pedophiles, so he insists he will rip apart 6 year olds who take the witness stand if certain legislation passes.

James Fagan promises to not only rip apart 6 year olds but also wants them at 8 years old to throw up, at 12 years old they won’t sleep, and at 19 years old they will have nightmares.

Good Lord, doesn’t James Fagan know that if a child gets brutally raped at 6 years old they will be going through that anyway?

I understand defense lawyers have a job to do, but there are extenuating circumstances when a defense lawyer should have a heart for the victims and the rape of a 6 year old is such a case.

James Fagan if what you promise is true you are as big of a scum as your pedophile clients. Read more at Fox News.

James Fagan A Class Act


  1. There are some children who will make up a lie like that just to get back at a parent and then when it gets intense they become too scared to tell the truth. If a defense lawyer can scare them into admitting they lied then he is doing his job and saving his innocent client from a life worse then death. Remember the child has a lawyer too and the judge is there to keep the "ripping" down to a minimum.

    Great Blog!

  2. Do you also agree that a defense lawyer should do that when there's proof the child was raped? James Fagan sounds like just the type of scum that would do as he states even when there's dna to back up a 6 year old's story.



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