May 10, 2013

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Google+ comments are great in theory.  Enabling Google+ comments on your blog lets you bring all comments together in one place.

  • Comments made on your Blogger blog post
  • Comments on the blog post that you've shared to Google+
  • Shared content on Google+ that links back to your site

Sounds fantastic, right?

Now the downside of the Google+ comments option.

Your readers will need a Google+ page or profile to comment on your blog.

From the Google+ Comments FAQs:

What if my readers don’t have a Google+ profile or page? Can they still comment?
No, but they will be prompted to create one when they attempt to comment.

This means no anonymous comments.  People comment anonymously for many reasons other than spam.

I received a couple of legit comments from anonymous posters, but their comments never showed up.

Under my comment section, it said I had a comment, but you couldn't see it.

I went to my settings and disabled Google+ comments, and low and behold the anonymous comments appeared.

You have to decide if enabling Google+ comments is right for you, but until Google allows anonymous comments, I'm leaving this feature disabled.
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