Jun 9, 2008

Gas price checks are almost mandatory before leaving your house. With gas prices at an all time high, it is almost a must to jump online for a gas price check before leaving home.

Gas Price Check!

Several places online offers a gas price check and each one has their own little quirks.

Gas Buddy offers a gas price check by city, state or zip code. It lists gas prices from lowest to highest for regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel fuel. Gas Buddy has a Gas Price Temperature Map and much more.

Gas Price Watch offers gas price checks by city, state, zip code, or complete address. This site gives you all gas prices, but you can filter the results to the most current gas prices.

MSN Autos offers a gas price check by zip code, which makes it hard if traveling, but if you know the zip code you can find the lowest, highest, and average gas price.

The sites aren’t perfect, but a quick gas price check could save you a lot of money before gassing up.


  1. I love MSN autos, but I wish someone would make a mobile version of it so that I can check it while I am out.



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