Jun 9, 2008

Cnn.com is reporting that gas prices are going up and reaching record highs while oil prices are dropping. Why? And when will this end?

Gas prices are hot topics everywhere even if you can easily afford the $4.00+ a gallon delicacy, people are upset.

Type gas prices in Google and find sites from CNN news to sites helping you find the lowest gas prices in your area topping the list.

CNN’s article states that the average gas price is $4.00 a gallon while oil falls $2.66 to $135.90 per barrel.

The article also quotes an oil industry analyst saying this is a “mania” and will end as all manias do. Read more about gas prices going up while oil prices are going down on cnn.com.

I don’t claim to understand everything behind high gas prices, but hypermiling to save gas is starting to look good.


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