Jun 10, 2008

Paul Newman Dying! Paul Newman and Robert Redford
Paul Newman (right) is dying? When I think of Paul Newman I automatically think legend and Robert Redford (left).

Back in the day you rarely watched a Paul Newman movie without also seeing Robert Redford. They were magnetic together; a perfect fit.

From Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to The Sting, Paul Newman and Robert Redford was a pair like no other. And very handsome, too!

Paul Newman Dying!

I am sad to learn that Paul Newman is dying of lung cancer. Sad to know yet another legend might be leaving us too soon.

It’s understandable that Paul’s close friend Robert Redford knew about his illness with cancer. However, the public is just now finding out.

Paul Newman apparently was diagnosed with lung cancer several months ago and just weeks ago had to relinquish his directing of “Of Mice and Men.”

You gave us a lot Mr. Paul Newman, just know that you are loved and admired!

Paul Newman Dying! Paul Newman and Martha Stewart
Paul Newman and Martha Stewart
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