May 29, 2008

Blabberize is a cute site where you create talking pictures called Blabbers.

Upload a picture to Blabberize, manipulate the mouth area, record a message, preview and save! That’s all there is to creating a Blabber!

You can use Blabberize with a microphone or you can use your telephone to record the message.

Why Blabberize?

Why would you want to Blabberize? Because creating Blabbers is fun!
  • Create a Blabber and send it to a friend on their birthday.
  • Use a Blabber to welcome guests to your website.
  • The ideas are only limited to your imagination!
Check out my very first Blabber of my puppy having a bad day below, then head on over to Blabberize and create your own Blabber. It’s completely free!


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