May 28, 2008

Chris Cagle and Jennifer Tant arrested!
Chris Cagle, a country music star, and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were arrested on domestic abuse charges.

Chris Cagle, 39, is known for songs such as “Chicks Dig It”, “Look What I Found,” and “What a Beautiful Day.” He’s probably thinking his song “Look at What I’ve Done” is hitting a bit close to home right now.

Chris Cagle Arrested!

Chris Cagle and his girlfriend Jennifer Tant were getting their drink on Wednesday morning when an argument turned physical causing their arrest.

Reports state that Chris Cagle had a bump on his head from Jennifer Tant hitting him with an umbrella.

It is further reported that Jennifer Tant had a cut lip and a sore arm from Chris Cagle hitting her with her purse.

Chris Cagle is scheduled to stand trial on September 23rd in Tucson from an unrelated assault charge.

You can read more of Chris Cagle and Jennifer Tant’s arrest at CMT News.


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