May 29, 2008

From a bank robbery to a helicopter crash, I am ready to relax! I live just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and this week has been quite scary.

Bank Robbery!

Bank Robbery Grand Rapids, MIYesterday my daughter and I were driving to the grocery store when I had to swerve around a reporter and a camera man that were standing very close to the edge of the road alongside a bank.

I bet my daughter that bank was robbed. There were 2 news crews along with several police cars that were blocking the entrances and exits, while others were parked in front of the bank.

Sure enough when we saw the news, that particular bank was robbed. You can read about the bank robbery at Wood TV 8.

Helicopter Crash!

Helicopter Crash Grand Rapids, MIToday my daughter and I had to go to downtown Grand Rapids for an appointment. I hate driving downtown anyway, but this time it was going to be pretty hairy.

A TV news bulletin was reporting that a helicopter crashed on top of Spectrum Butterworth Hospital; across the street from where we were going.

Police were blocking roads and telling people to stay away from the area. My daughter called her doctor who hadn’t heard about the helicopter crash (that’s crazy because they’re very close!) and assured us we could still make it down there.

Well, it was a bit crazy, we did make it in and out of there, and we were able to watch the scene from the waiting room. You can read more about the helicopter crash at WZZM13.

What a week, between the bank robbery and the helicopter crash, I am ready to have a relaxing birthday!

Thank goodness everyone involved in the bank robbery and the helicopter crash are okay!


  1. Wow! That is a lot of excitement for one week. I would stay indoors for the next few days if I were you.

  2. I was thinking the same thing!



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