May 9, 2008

Leona Lewis performed Bleeding Love on American Idol a couple of weeks ago, and ever since then she has been on fire; just like in her video below. That flame-age was a nice touch.

Simon Cowell along with Clive Davis discovered Leona Lewis, so it was befitting that Leona performed on American Idol in which Simon is one of the judges.

More clever still is the fact that she performed Bleeding Love shortly after the release of her debut album Spirit. Bleeding Love is on that album.

Leona Lewis Is On Fire!

Ever since Leona Lewis' album Spirit was released, it has been a frenzy to keep it in stock. According to Amazon, Spirit has shot up to #6 in bestselling music in just a short time.

So, check out Leona Lewis performing Bleeding Love on American Idol below, and see for yourself why Leona Lewis is on fire.

If you are interested in her debut album click on Spirit and order your copy today.


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