May 12, 2008

Dennis Farina Arrested
Breaking news Sunday included the arrest of actor Dennis Farina at the Las Angeles International Airport. Farina is looking at felony charges!

Dennis Farina, whose film “What Happens in Vegas” opened this weekend, was not sitting in a theater seat; Farina was sitting in jail with bail set at $35,000.

Dennis Farina was trying to make his way back home to Chicago, when he was arrested for having a loaded .22-caliber pistol in his suitcase. The actor said he forgot it was there.

Dennis Farina Gets Felony Charges!

The forgetful Dennis Farina was initially charged with a misdemeanor, but charges were upgraded to a felony because the handgun was not registered.

Farina apologized and stated he was a retired cop of 19 years and he just forgot the gun was in his suitcase.

Stay tuned to this breaking news event, as the felony charges could be dropped to a misdemeanor, allowing yet another celebrity off with a slap on the wrist.

You can read more on Dennis Farina’s arrest and felony charges at the Chicago Sun Times.


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