May 26, 2008

Today is Memorial Day. My dad used to call it Decoration Day because it was the day we honored the dead by decorating their graves.

Traditional Memorial Day, or Decoration Day was May 30th which is also my birthday.

Every Memorial Day we would jump in the car and clean up the gravesites of our families and place flowers or a wreath on the site.

Memorial Day vs Decoration Day

Few people don’t know what Memorial Day actually is and what the facts are regarding Decoration Day.

I found a site you where you can learn some interesting facts about Memorial Day, like when it was changed from Decoration Day to Memorial Day.

There are Memorial Day videos, images, and Battle Maps. There’s even a Veteran’s forum!

Whether you call it Memorial Day or Decoration Day as long as we are honoring those deserving, it doesn’t matter what you call today.

Read more on Memorial Day or Decoration Day at


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