Apr 21, 2008

Yes, John Mayer stinks! Well, I don’t think John Mayer literally stinks, as this has nothing to do with John’s grooming habits.

This also has nothing to do with his music per se. I think John Mayer is a very talented man. I just don’t understand why everyone is so “over-the-top” gaga for him.

Why John Mayer Stinks

Maybe John Mayer was pushing himself too hard, or maybe he was under a strict deadline, but his song, Say, stinks. The chorus, Say what you need to say, is repeated 8 times. At the end of the song it is repeated an excruciatingly painful 24 times! Can you say annoying much?

Say is on the Continuum album along with Waiting on the World to Change, which I like, and Gravity. You can see, however, where Say is placed in the lineup HERE. Maybe they are trying to just fill the album?

I’m still not sold on all the hype from everyone, because even though I do like a couple of John Mayer’s songs, I still think John Mayer stinks! If you don’t, and you’re gaga over him, you can grab his Continuum album here as well.


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2008

    I googled "who thinks John Mayer stinks" and came to your website first. I cannot stand this guys songs. I hear a song of his and immediately shut the radio off. I tell everyone who will listen and knows of him I could write better lyrics than this guy. Evidently you can write one sentence, repeat it for 3 1/2 minutes and call it a song ("Say").
    If I had more time I would dedicate a website to him, not to honor, but to point out how other songs are written. Others could send him ideas for second and third sentences, maybe even a chorus or two. I'm done for now - to reiterate, he more than stinks!!



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