Apr 21, 2008

What happens to Earth when all the people vanish? Just thinking of this planet without people makes it sound very eerie and ghoulish. The History Channel created a documentary video with that very question in mind.

The video, which is an hour and a half long, is part speculation and partly based on science. It explores the “what-ifs” 100 years after people, 150 years after people, and so on. The realism of the video almost makes you forget that you will be gone as well.

What Happens to Earth When People Vanish?

From the buildings and skyscrapers, to the bodies of water, dams, and bridges, what will happen when all people vanish? Have you ever really thought about what happens?

Take the Golden Gate Bridge for example. There is a reason why the Golden Gate Bridge is continually painted. What happens when there’s no one to paint the bridge? Or, what is the chain of events when there’s no one left to man the generators? Watch the video to find out.

The tagline for this video is Welcome to Earth, Population: 0 which is just as gripping as watching the video itself. The video is gripping, because the History Channel teamed with the Academy Award-winning special effects studio Industrial Light and Magic.

This is one DVD that should be in everyone’s collection as it is not only educational, but very thought provoking. Read more on Life After People, or watch Earth what happens when people vanish right now!

Watch Now!


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