Mar 14, 2008

Today's hot bulletin looks at the iPod Touch. Some people are actually wondering if the iPod Touch will surpass the iPhone. At this point, the iPod Touch offers many, many features. It doesn't include a cell phone, but in the future, it just might include Bluetooth.

Come June, third party developers can offer their programs to be included in the iPod Touch. It appears as though Apple will put little limits on developers and what they can release, and depending on the creativeness of the developers, the iPod Touch could very well surpass the iPhone in function and popularity.

So, what can you do now with the iPod Touch?
  • You can watch a movie you rented from iTunes
  • View HTML email complete with pictures
  • Open PDF, Word, and Excel attachments
  • Find your location and get directions with maps
  • Watch music videos
  • Surf the web
  • Chat
  • and much, much more
All with a tap on the screen. Read more details or purchase your very own Apple iPod Touch with software updates, today!


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