Mar 11, 2008

The hot bulletin of today is to check your credit card and bank statements! This is a warning that you may have fraudulent credit card or bank charges from ICH Services, so check your statements immediately.

It is being reported that people are finding mysterious ICH Services charges on their credit card and bank statements. Usually people are too busy to notice, or too busy to worry about a small charge on their statement.

That is how ICH Services are getting away with it. Most of the charges have been very small, varying from $9.70 to $9.85.

I had something similar happen to me once with a company called Mazumah. They took small amounts out of my checking account, so I had to close my account. What a pain.

If you find mysterious charges on your statements, address it immediately. If you can, don't wait for your paper statement, check your accounts online.

You can read more about the ICH Services fraudulent charge warning here and here.


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