Mar 12, 2008

I just heard of Terry Fator yesterday, while visiting one of my friends on Yuwie, and I think he is absolutely amazing. If you are a regular watcher of America's Got Talent, then you've already heard of Terry Fator, because he was a winner in 2007.

Who is
Terry Fator and what does he do? Well, he is an impersonator and a ventriloquist, and he can do both at the same time. And he is amazing. I don't care for ventriloquism, but I could watch this guy for hours.

The video below is Terry Fator with one of my favorite acts Walter T. Airdale. You'll know the song and the singer right away and it will blow you away. If the video is no longer available, just do a search for Terry Fator, you'll find him everywhere.

To read more about Terry Fator, and to see clips of his acts, go to his official website
HERE. Enjoy!


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