Mar 30, 2008

Chelsea, the only child of Hillary and Bill Clinton is on the campaign trail to help her mother become the next President of The United States. Well, that’s what she is trying to do anyway.

Chelsea was at Butler University on Tuesday when a student by the name of Evan Strange asked her a question. The question had to do with the affair between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, and if that affair had an impact on her mother’s credibility.

Chelsea answered him with a big fat “I do not think that is any of your business” giving her an explosion of applause. Evan Strange, a Clinton supporter, claims he didn’t mean anything by the question. He thought it would be a great opportunity for Chelsea to show people how strong her mother is.

My take on this is Chelsea Clinton better learn the fact that questions are going to be asked, and whether SHE thinks it is none of anyone's business, she better learn a more creative way to answer them. With this answer, you have the Clinton supporters agreeing that it is none of our business, while the non-supporters are saying the exact opposite.

If she was a little more creative in her answer, and if she changed her tone so as not to come across as whiney or even a bit… hostile, most of the people wouldn’t see this as a huge blunder.
What are your thoughts?

To read more on this campaign trail blunder, you can go HERE. To review Chelsea's question and answer scene for yourself, you can see the video HERE.


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