Oct 4, 2008

OJ Simpson verdict
The OJ Simpson verdict is not surprising as most will agree.

The OJ Simpson verdict came in late last night and jurors found him guilty.

Surprise… not! OJ Simpson was guilty before the trial started. I’m not saying he’s innocent, but he was guilty before he could prove differently.

I’m probably the only one who thought OJ Simpson got a fair trial when acquitted for the murders of Nicole and Ron.

Thus, I was shocked when the verdict for OJ was guilty at the civil trial.

The OJ Simpson verdict is not poetic justice as some blogs claim. To me, the guilty verdict is scary.

Is this true justice or a form of vigilantism? Do we no longer care who the actual guilty parties are as long as someone pays?

Most thought the Ramsey’s were guilty regarding Jon Benet, but DNA tests have proven otherwise.

I’m not saying the OJ Simpson verdict was wrong, but justice as a whole is frightening.

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