Sep 19, 2008

International Talk Like a Pirate DayI heard it’s “talk like a pirate day” on the radio and I thought I misunderstood.
I was certain I misunderstood because I never heard of an International Talk Like A Pirate day.
After hearing it a few more times, I decided to do some investigating.

What Is Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Talk like a pirate day started as a joke between John Baur and Mark Summers. During a racquetball game, one of the guys said, “Aaarrr!” when he got hurt.
The idea of talk like a pirate day was born. The game took place on D-Day, but they chose Summer’s ex-wife’s birthday instead.
The guys sent a letter to columnist Dave Berry in 2002 about their invented holiday and it skyrocketed from there.
I don’t understand why anyone would want to talk like a pirate in the first place, but what’s more disturbing is why anyone would revere pirates!


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