Sep 15, 2008

Speed TrapImage via Wikipedia Is there a speed trap in your hometown? Do you know for sure? Find out now! has been protecting motorists with valuable information since 1982.

The National Motorists Association is responsible for

The NMA fights to protect motorists’ interests like sensible safety regulations, reasonable speed limits, and more.

At, you can view known speed traps for The United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Click on a state in The United States to view cities, townships, parks and more.

Choose an area to view details of the speed trap including the location, time of day, type of enforcement, a description, comments, and more.

You can also:

  • Add a speed trap
  • Learn how to fight a speeding ticket
  • Learn speed trap laws
  • Learn ways to shut down a speed trap
  • and more
There is a new and improved version of that is still in beta. This new version adds a keyword to your search, has more information, as well as a cleaner, easier to use site.

Find out if there are speed traps in your hometown or on your next vacation route!
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