Aug 3, 2008

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final book of the twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer.

According to Stephenie, Breaking Dawn is the longest of the twilight books, and it also took her the longest to write.

The author states Breaking Dawn is the last and final book of the twilight series from Belle’s perspective. She may continue the story through another character.

I purchased The Twilight Collection for my daughter for Christmas last year and she absolutely loved them and could not wait until Breaking Dawn was released.

Breaking Dawn is Disappointing Fans!

After reading the reviews of Breaking Dawn, I’m wondering if she should read the book or make up her own ending. lol

According to the reviews on, Breaking Dawn is not well received by most readers.

Out of 243 reviews, only 65 readers gave Breaking Dawn 5 stars, while 87 readers gave it only one star.

The disappointment has to do with the ending more than anything else. I won’t go into it, but if you want to read the spoilers, you can do so at

Stephenie Meyer is an excellent author as the Twilight Collection portrays, but she may have fell a bit short with Breaking Dawn.

Update: My daughter read Breaking Dawn and loved it!


  1. That was definitely not my review!! I thought it was very good. Perhaps a little far-fetched, but people need that hope sometimes.

  2. I'm glad to hear you liked it landis, my daughter still wants the book. She doesn't care about the reviews. LOL



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