Jul 23, 2008

John Edwards might have a mistress named Rielle Hunter. He might also have a love child because of this alleged affair.

John Edwards is married, so if this is true, he is a cheater.

John Edwards is married to Elizabeth Edwards, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. Reports state the cancer is back.

Obama Considering Cheater John Edwards For VP?

John Edwards is on Barack Obama’s list for potential Vice Presidents. John says he isn’t interested in the Vice Presidency, but hasn’t ruled it out.

If John Edwards is not having an affair and does not have a love child, he’s still acting like a snake. What is he doing sneaking around a motel at 2:40 a.m.?

I hope this isn’t true about John Edwards, because this is stooping low considering his wife’s current health situation.

Plus, I don’t want another cheating snake in the White House.

UPDATE: John Edwards admits he had an affair in 2006 in an interview with ABC news.


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