May 7, 2008

A Monday night “police beating suspects” incident does not look good for Philadelphia police, and a helicopter above captured it all.
The video shows several police cars stopping a car and then beating the suspects during a traffic stop. This police beating incident happened just two days after a city officer was fatally shot.

Commissioner Says Police Beating Suspects Doesn’t Look Good

Commissioner Charles Ramsey says the video of the police beating the suspects doesn’t look good, but the police force doesn’t want to rush to judgment.
You can read more of this police beating suspects incident here.
You can also watch the video below, however I must warn you it is not pretty, so viewer discretion advised!

Raw video: Philly cops fight with suspects
Update: 4 of the Philidelphia Police involved in this beating have been fired and 4 more have been demoted. You can read the story here.


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