Apr 17, 2008

A Yale art student is claiming she artificially inseminated herself several times and then took drugs to self abort over a 9 month period; all for the sake of art! In what way is an abortion considered art?

Aliza Shvarts is an art major at Yale University and she is claiming she is using blood samples and video of these drug induced abortions for an art project.

Aliza told her school paper that she isn’t charging her sperm donors, nor does she screen them for possible STDs. Nor is she’s not concerned about the effects of this “project” on her own body.

Yale Abortion Art Project On Display

This “art” display will be projected on cubes and on gallery walls at Yale’s Holcombe T. Green Jr. Hall from April 22 to May 1. Aliza Shvarts will also be honored at a reception April 25.

I don’t understand how anyone who risks their life, not to mention the abortion issue, can be honored. She should be seeking help before she seriously injures herself.

To read more on the Yale abortion art project Aliza Shvarts is doing, head on over to FOXNews.com.


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