Apr 15, 2008

The Pope is in the United States and he is mad! Well, not so much mad as ashamed. Pope Benedict XVI landed at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland today where he was greeted by President Bush, first lady Laura Bush, and daughter Jenna.

The Pope said he was “deeply ashamed” of the scandal of sexual abuse in the Roman Catholic Church and he will work to make sure pedophiles won’t become priests. That is a tall order if you ask me as sometimes people are “normal” on the outside.

Pope Benedict XVI arrived in the United States for his first visit today that will last for 6 days and span two cities. The Pope described this first trip as a journey to meet a “great people and a great church.”

The “popemobile” arrived in the United States last week, and Pope Benedict XVI will be taken to meetings with religious leaders, to celebrate Mass at a baseball stadium, and to just make his way around the capital.

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