Apr 3, 2008

Giveaway of the Day is a site that gives away free licensed products every day and it is completely legal. Why is it legal? Because the developers of these products allow the Giveaway of the Day site to give them away absolutely free.

Of course there are rules and stipulations, but believe it or not, they’re not that bad to follow. Some of the rules and stipulations are:
  • Products must be downloaded and activated within the 24 hour time period
  • There is no technical support
  • The products are to be used for personal use only
  • The products may not be upgraded or re-installed at a later time
Some of the products that are given away free at this site are system tools, video editors, image editors, webmaster tools, screen captures, macro recorders, and more. Today the site is giving away CyberPower Audio Editing Lab.
Giveaway of the Day is a great site to try licensed products for free before deciding to buy, or it is for those wanting a certain program to use with no intention of buying. Either way, getting licensed software for free is fun.
The site also has a sister site which gives away free licensed games, but with the recent cuts, giveaways will only be held on the weekends.
Check out Giveaway of the Day HERE, and be sure to check back every day. Or, better yet, sign up for their daily email notifying you which product is available for free. Enjoy!



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