Mar 26, 2008

The Hot Bulletin for the day is the possibility that DB Cooper's parachute has been found. is reporting that a parachute has been found by children in southwest Washington, and it is being analyzed for a possible connection to DB Cooper.

DB Cooper, aka Dan Burkett Cooper, facts as we know them:
  • infamous for taking over a plane full of passengers
  • collected $200,000 in ransom when the plane landed to drop off the passengers
  • ordered the plane to take him to Mexico
  • jumped out of the plane with the cash somewhere over the Cascade Mountains
There's not much evidence tying this parachute to DB Cooper, so the authorities are looking for anyone with expertise in Navy parachutes. They would like to know more before they waste their time digging up the property where it was found.
To read more on this hot bulletin, go to's website.


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