Mar 8, 2017

Ozeri Weightmaster scale
This is my review of the Ozeri WeightMaster.  On a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), I would definitely give this product a 5!

There are many choices available when you are in the need of a scale for weighing yourself, but I've found none that can compare to the Ozeri Weightmaster.

Here are the things I love about this scale:
  • It is low profile: no more worries about falling off!
  • It calculates BMI: it stores my height to do this
  • It has the capacity to remember up to 5 people
  • It's automatic once stored in memory
  • It powers on and off automatically
  • ...  and more
I haven't found a single thing I dislike about the Ozeri Weightmaster.

Other scales I've had were too tall, or too difficult to enter which user was using the scale.

This Ozeri Weightmaster will do this automatically.  If the five users have a 6 pound weight difference, the scale knows who you are!

I also don't have to figure out in my head if I've lost or gained weight because the Ozeri Weightmaster tells me!  Plus, it will show up in colors.  Green for a weight loss and Red for a weight gain!  So at a glance, I know if I've lost weight or gained.

I just can't say enough about this scale, so if you're in the market you should check out the Ozeri Weightmaster!


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