Feb 18, 2013

NASCAR Danica Patrick
Danica Patrick at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
NASCAR driver Danica Patrick will start in pole position February 24, 2013!

Posting a lap of 196.434, Danica became the first woman to score the pole position in NASCAR.  Not only NASCAR, but the Daytona 500, which is considered the Super Bowl of NASCAR!

That's one heck of an achievement!

NASCAR says Danica Patrick still qualifies as a rookie, and it's been since 2002 that another rookie, Jimmie Johnson, won the position.

I wonder how the male drivers feel about this.  I'm sure most are okay with it, like Jeff Gordon who welcomed her in the front row with him, but others might see her as unfairly taking their spot.

Comments from NASCAR fans over at cnn.com have been nothing but outrage.  Some say she didn't earn the spot while others say she won't even finish the race.

Whether she earned it or not, it's a fact that Danica Patrick will start in pole position in NASCAR's Daytona 500.

What do you think?  Did she earn it?
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