Jul 6, 2011

Casey Anthony was found not guilty on the charge of first degree murder of her daughter Caylee.

Ok, no matter what I believe, I found the video of Harvey Levin true to form.  Nancy Grace is an idiot, in my opinion, of believing that "she knows" Casey Anthony murdered her daughter.

Ok, Nancy, I stopped watching you a very long time ago because you give opinions on the basis of popularity and what will give you the biggest ratings.  You are opinionated and are a danger to all those (idiots) who watch you.

I agree with Harvey... Nancy, Joan Rivers (who has long sinced dried up) and Susan Moss (who has never been funny) are creating a lynch mob mentality.  You all convicted Casey Anthony on what you "feel" and "believe" not based on fact.

You all attack the jurors, saying they're stupid and idiotic.  The jurors did their job based on what was presented to them.

The prosecution obviously didn't do their job, if in fact that Casey was guilty, so Nancy, Joan, and Susan should vent their dismay toward the prosecution.  But calling the jurors idiots is a whole lot easier.

Again, I have my own opinion, but I would never use my popularity (like Nancy Grace, Joan Rivers, and Susan Moss) to sway the public to their own beliefs to create a "lynch mob" mentality.

It's dangerous and wrong.

Harvey Levin, you may be a lot of things, but you've always been fair.  And for that, I applaud you.  Nancy Grace, Joan Rivers, and Susan Moss, go crawl under a rock where you belong.  You are a menace to society, IMO, and one day, maybe you will all become human again.

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