Jul 7, 2009

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Congressman Pete King had a few words to say about Michael Jackson.

Congressman Pete King called Michael Jackson a few names on a TMZ video.

Michael Jackson was cleared of every "title" Congressman Pete King gave him.

You can worship God, Satan, or your Aunt Clare. It doesn't matter. But with someone in authority like Congressman Pete King obviously supporting his opinion and not the law, the courts, and the facts, is dangerous.

Dangerous and disrespectful, especially since the man you are slandering is dead.

Be very careful New Yorkers. It appears if you act a little "strange" or look differently and you're found innocent for any wrongdoings, Congressman Pete King will still persecute you.

Congressman Pete King, may you receive all the Karma you're due.

And if you think I'm a Michael Jackson fanatic and would rather support him than our troops, you are wrong again.

My child is serving in Afghanistan at this very moment Congressman Pete King; I’m caring enough to support both.
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