Nov 24, 2008

A recent news event has triggered emotional outbursts and blame. reported that 19-year-old Abraham Biggs, Jr. ended his life in view of over 1,000 people via webcam; some egging him on.

News reports state, 12 hours elapsed from the time Mr. Biggs posted his intentions until the time EMS found him.

Parents are blaming the website owner for not monitoring this and the more than 1,000 viewers for not calling the police.

Heated comments include it’s ridiculous to blame the website owner and just as ridiculous to regulate the Internet.

If this young man had deep depression, it wouldn’t have taken much to push him over the edge.

The question is can anything realistically be done? What’s the difference if he saw something on TV which pushed him over the edge?

Does it make a difference that this event was live in front of over 1,000 people? What if they were all in the same room?

Are there laws or is it just a moral obligation to inform police of such events? What are your thoughts?


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