Nov 11, 2008

Veterans Day
Veteran's Day is here and although the intent is to honor Veterans, some companies are using Veteran's Day for exploitation.

Veteran's Day is a day for patriotism, with parades and tributes to honor our Veterans.

I remember my dad hanging our flag every year without fail. I continue this tribute, but looking around, I don’t see many flags anymore.

Additionally, Veteran's Day is an excuse for exploitation. Google “Veteran's Day Sale” and you will find over 1 million results.

Disney, Macy’s, and Sears top the search results. I wonder if they hang their flag.

I also wonder how many of these stores offer a bigger discount to our Veterans, or if they’re just another customer.

I hope everyone remembers to honor our Veteran's today. Veterans Day wasn’t established for companies to get rich.
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