Aug 13, 2008

China has gone too far this time, replacing a 7-year-old singer with a 9-year-old who lip-synced at the Olympic opening ceremonies.

Just replacing the 7-year-old singer with the 9-year-old who lip-synced isn’t tragic, but the reasons are.

7-Year-Old Face Unsuitable For Olympics?

7 Year Old Yang Peiyi 9 Year Old Lin Miaoke

Yang Peiyi
(left) is the 7-year-old actual singer of Ode to the Motherland, but she was replaced because, according to China officials, didn’t have “the look.”

Yang Peiyi has the voice of an angel, but apparently not the looks for the Olympics because her teeth aren’t perfect and they told her as much.

Lin Miaoke (right) is the 9-year-old who lip-synced for Yang Peiyi because apparently she does have “the look.”

Both girls are adorable and China should be ashamed. Some of the fireworks were also fake, further proof of their sick perfectionist mindset.


  1. This story bothers me as well....

    Guess we aren't really getting a glimpse of China after all.....



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