Jul 5, 2008

Snap Capp for cans is just about as great as sliced bread; maybe. There have been other inventions to close cans, but the Snap Capp has better features.

Pros of the Snap Capp:
  • It snaps tight on the can
  • Keeps out bugs and debris
  • Keeps the fizz in
  • Great for kids who only drink half a can of pop or other can products
Cons of the Snap Capp:
  • The lid fits almost too tight making it difficult to remove
  • It needs a seal or something because they leak most of the time
  • Once it gets wet, it always leaks, so it can only be used on one can
  • It takes 2 hands to use as the entire Snap Capp turns
There are equal good and bad points to the Snap Capp. To solve the turning of the cap and the leaking, put a rubber band around the can before attaching the Snap Capp to the can.

The Snap Capp is a very good idea; it just needs some fine-tuning to be a perfect product. See the Snap CappSnap Capp! for youself.


  1. Awesome post! I just discovered the Snap cap and using your rubber band suggestion I am on my third can with no leaks and a better seal! Now if the cap could only be fitted with a string... I was just thinking, every time I've tried to remove the unit I have tried with the cap on... maybe without the cap the unit would come off easier?



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