May 2, 2008

Tiffany Shepherd

Tiffany Shepherd, a biology teacher at Port St. Lucie High School was fired for having loads of assets. Tiffany, a 30 year old buxom blonde was fired because she held a job at Smokin’ Em Charters.

Assets Got Her Fired!

Tiffany Shepherd is a single mother of 3 growing boys and trying to raise them on a teacher’s salary isn’t easy. Tiffany found herself needing a second job which led her to the Smokin’ Em Charters.

Smokin’ Em Charters is a fishing charter company who happen to have girls in bikinis. Tiffany Shepherd was one of those bikini clad girls and the school apparently didn’t like her assets.

Tiffany said she can make $600 in 2 days at Smokin’ Em Charters where it would take a full week to make that kind of money from her teaching job.

Tiffany Shepherd does the usual duties of a mate like bringing drinks and sandwiches for the men on board, dressed in a bikini. She is basically a waitress on a fishing boat and there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion.

So, what do you think? Was Tiffany Shepherd unjustly fired for her assets? Or was the school justified because women in bikinis are dangerous to our children?

Was Tiffany Shepherd Unjustly Fired?


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