May 16, 2008

Hot report today is for a hot website tool! I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to access websites just to get the “page cannot be displayed” message or the “navigation canceled” page.

It is so frustrating wondering if a particular website is down or if there is something wrong with my computer.

You try several times to access the website before giving up and checking your computer or browser for any problems. It can be very frustrating.

Website Down or Computer Problems?

You could do a search to see if anyone else has posted similar problems, or you could go to this hot tool I found to check if the website is down or if it is just you.

Fittingly, the website is called “Down for everyone or just me” and it is free. Just a simple page with a search box is all you will find on this site.

Type in the address of the site you are having problems with and hit the “or just me” link and the results will show if the website is down or if it is just you.

So, head over to down for everyone or just me to know quickly and easily if a website is down or if you are having computer problems.


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