Apr 25, 2008

The verdict for the shooters of Sean Bell came in and it’s probably not an adequate one to those close to Bell.

Sean Bell was shot and killed by police officers on November 25, 2006, just hours before his wedding.

Sean Bell Shooters Acquitted

The shooters were acquitted in the shooting death of Sean Bell. Three detectives, who were reported doing most of the shooting, were found not guilty on all charges in the death of Sean Bell.

The verdict comes exactly 17 months after the shooting. You can read more on this story at The New York Times.

Sean Bell Not Only Victim

What is more troublesome to some people is this is the second time an incident such as this occurred.

Back in 1999, Amadou Diallo was also shot and killed in Queens when police fired 41 shots at him. Sean Bell was shot and killed in Queens when police fired 50 shots. Both men were not armed.


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