Apr 11, 2008

According to Google search, it looks as though everyone is caught up in Dick Cheney’s sunglasses. Seriously, who cares? It is crazy, and I wasn’t going to blog about it like hundreds of others, but I am just dumbstruck to think people really care.

I don’t see the issue, I don’t see the problem, I just don’t care what Dick Cheney is interested in. I like the guy, but I don’t care. So what if that happens to be a reflection of a woman without clothes? So what if it is, it could be his wife for all we know.

I don’t think it is, but could care less. It is ridiculous to think that a spokesperson has to waste her time to address something this ridiculous. LeAnn McBride, spokesperson for Dick Cheney said it is a reflection of him casting a reel.

People have blogged it, posted it, enlarged it, and analyzed it, and it is actually Dick Cheney’s arm holding onto his fishing pole. Sorry, everyone, boring, but true.

White House photo by David Bohrer.


  1. It obviously is Cheney's outstretched arm, at the end of which is (surprise!) his hand. Our "all about sex" liberal friends, though, have been conditioned to view a hand as a naked woman.



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