Mar 3, 2008

TMZ is reporting that the Van Halen Unhinged tour has been canceled. Although Van Halen was scheduled to tour through April 19, 2008, arrangements are being made to cancel all the hotel stays for the tour.

Van Halen fans are irate, but really, no one is very surprised of the tour cancellation. Van Halen reps have not confirmed anything yet, and according to Van Halen's website and ticketmaster, the tour is continuing as scheduled, so as of right now, this is just a rumor.

I am not surprised by this announcement, but it is getting old. Get back to the Van Halen I remember, or give it up. I have always loved Van Halen, but even the most die hard fans get sick of hearing about the "issues" one or another is having.

Stick with the sure thing... and that is Van Halen back in the day when they were releasing fantastic music on albums like Van Halen, The Best of Both Worlds, and Best of Van Halen and there were less interfering "issues."

UPDATE: It appears that a few shows were canceled so Eddie could undergo some tests. These shows will be rescheduled and the tour will get back on track soon.


  1. I don’t buy it.

    Maybe I’m just a chronic denier but am I the only person who heard the singing? David Lee has never been Freddie Mercury but that’s just atrocious. Dave sounded far better than this when they toured Seattle. Listen to the TMZ clip again, his voice is clearly shot. That’s not singing, that’s caterwauling.

    Sorry but Eddie Isn't The Problem

  2. No, I totally agree with you. The singing is crap. Not sure if they can ever fix that problem, but it's a shame.



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