Feb 24, 2008

TrafficJam.com is now live! This hot bulletin will tell you why trafficjam.com is the ultimate blogging and marketing research tool. It will also tell you why you should be using TrafficJam.com. From the marketer to the blogger, trafficjam.com should be your first stop of the day.

Use trafficjam.com for a research tool, because it allows you to monitor blogs by niche, keep up with what type of posts are getting the most interest, and never run out of ideas for blogging.

This site is essentially a LIVE HEADLINE TESTING MACHINE!!! (by category). Find posts matching your niche to share links, or create joint ventures.

How does trafficjam.com work? It works by using data from the BlogRush Network. If you haven't heard of the BlogRush Network, you can read more on that at Hot Reports.


Blog Rush is shutting down. The site states "failure of the service" as the reason.


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