Feb 25, 2008

After an extensive search, police have determined that there is no longer an immediate threat at the Stony Brook Campus. Earlier today, there were reports of a possible gunman on the campus.

Emergency alerts went out to all students, faculty and staff at 2:10pm today, about a report of "an armed perpetrator on the academic mall" a university spokeswoman confirmed.

The university website stated, the police were called when a young man was reported running from the Student Activity Center cafeteria at the Stony Brook Campus, and later displayed what was reported as a handgun.

The police reported that the individual is approximately 25 years old, was wearing a black coat, and a black wool hat. He was running in the direction of Harriman Hall.

Stony Brook University has issued an all clear alert, and police state there is no immediate threat at the Stony Brook Campus, and all classes and activities can continue as normal.

Read more on this story, or visit the Stony Brook Universities alert page.


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