Feb 7, 2008

Well, it's been a long time since Mitt Romney started his Presidential campaign, but that is all behind him now. He has dropped out of the race. According to FOXNews.com, Mitt Romney admitted that this was not an easy decision, as he does not like to lose.

Mr. Romney's decision makes it all but certain that his rival, Senator John McCain, will be their party's nominee for the White House in November. Although Mitt Romney doesn't totally agree with Senator McCain, they do share in agreement on certain issues. One such issue they agree on is doing whatever it takes to win in Iraq and in the war on terror.

Over the past year, Mitt Romney has been accused of flip-flopping, and his Mormon faith has been in question. Even still, over 4 million people have given him their vote.

You can read more of Mitt Romney decision HERE.


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