Feb 19, 2008

If you missed the big announcement recently, Dancing With The Stars announced their next lineup. For those not familiar with the show, Dancing With The Stars is a dance competition of sorts. Celebrities, or washed-up celebrities, are matched up with professional dancers and TV viewers vote for their favorite..

Anyway, the new lineup for Dancing With The Stars are:

Priscilla Presley - please tell me you've heard of her. One word... Elvis.
Kristi Yamaguchi - an Olympic gold medalist.
Adam Carolla - Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers... ring a bell?
Marlee Matlin - Oscar winner for Children Of A Lesser God. She is also deaf.
Shannon Elizabeth - actress from American Pie.
Steve Gutenberg - I always think of Police Academy when I hear his name.
Monica Seles - tennis champ.
Penn Jillette - magician.
Mario - an R & B singer.
Jason Taylor - Miami Dolphins defensive end.
Cristian De La Fuente - kind of hot television actor.
Marissa Jaret Winokur - Tony Award winner for her role in Hairspray.

Whether good or bad, that's the lineup. Dancing With The Stars is scheduled to begin March 17, 2008.


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